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Cross Line Laser Level 3Cone Green Beam WM3CG
Cross Line Laser Level 3Cone Green Beam WM3CG

Cross Line Laser Level 3Cone Green Beam WM3CG

***3*360° green beam laser lines. 1 Horizontal and 2 vertical 360° plane laser lines.
***Li-ion battery works as super long operating time as 8 hours
***Indoor and outdoor applications, switchable between continuous laser and pulse laser
***Lock position for tilt purpose, like staircase laying, unit projecting sloped laser lines.
***Self-leveling, laser flashing and sound indicating when beyond the range 
***Connect with tripod through1/4″ screw thread if necessary
***Super useful tool for home remodeling like floor laying, tile laying, ceiling, picture hanging, staircase, doors and windows, painting, furniture installing, etc.
Product Detail



· Laser: Green Beams
· Laser Class: Class 2M <1mW power output
· Laser Wavelength: 520nm
· Working Distance (Line): 66Ft, 164Ft with WOKELINE Line Laser Receiver
· Horizontal/Vertical Accuracy: ±1/8 In, at 30 Ft

【Fully Layout With 3 X 360 Line Lasers】
One 360°horizontal and two 360°vertical planes. The 12 line visualization can easily cover the walls, floors and ceilings of the room. The 360 laser level is equipped with two tripod conversion interfaces, and a super-strong magnetic Rotating Stand , which can be placed in any position you want to use, which is convenient to use.

【Automatic leveling function】
When tilt angle is ≤3°, the level can be automatically leveled without spending too much time to adjust the level. It is suitable for more working situation and can lock the pendulum to save your time. When automatic leveling is not possible, an audible alarm will flash continuously to remind you to adjust the position of the level meter in time.

【High Accuracy Inside and Outside】
The green laser level line is 3x brightness than the red beam, which can provide a working distance of up to 100ft. Safety level-Class II, <1mW power output.The accuracy at 30 feet is within 1/16 inch to ensure the accuracy of construction The wokeline laser level self leveling has an outdoor enhancement mode, supports a receiver, and can easily handle outdoor operations, such as building construction, garden trimming, outdoor installation, etc.

【Widely Application】
Made of ABS plastic and TPR soft rubber, portable and lightweight for easy gripping. Operation temperature range is 14℉- 113℉(-10℃–40℃).The green laser level has IP54 waterproof, you can use it in almost any situation. The wokeline laser level is an ideal choice for floor laying, photo installation, indoor construction, woodwork, etc.

【Two Lithium Batteries】
Providing continuous power supply for a whole day. It can support mobile power supply and a variety of power supply methods to solve the problem of battery life. The professional coating over the laser projectors provides clear light transmission while reducing reflections. A clear and detailed user instruction manual is attached to resolve any problems encountered during use. Quality assurance, provide after-sales service.





3x360° Self-leveling laser level

2x360° Self-leveling laser level

Self-leveling laser level

2x130° Vertical Line and 1x360° Horizontal Line Self-leveling laser level


±1/16 in. at 30 ft (± 2mm/10m)

±1/16 in. at 30 ft (± 2mm/10m)

±1/8 in. at 30 ft (± 3mm/10m)

±1/16 in. at 30 ft (± 2mm/10m)


Lion Battery 8hrs + Charge While Using

4 AA Battery 8hrs + Charge While Using

2 AA Battery 13hrs

Lion Battery 13hrs + Charge While Using


Self-leveling mode+Manual mode+Pulse Mode

Self-leveling mode+Manual mode+Pulse Mode

Self-leveling mode+Manual mode+Pulse Mode

Self-leveling mode+Manual mode+Pulse Mode

Number of Lines & Range

12 Lines, 3x360°

8 Lines, 2x360°

2 Lines, 110°

6 Lines, 1x360°+2x135°

Dust/water protection / Operating temperature

IP54/-10°C ~ 45°C

IP54/-10°C ~ 45°C

IP54/-10°C ~ 45°C

IP54/-10°C ~ 45°C

Line switch

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